…..it’s no wonder your hips and back are always in a bad mood!

November 2022

……and don’t call it the rotary cuff.

October 2022

You’re Grounded!
How to get back after it!

September 2022

Great Warm up for a healthy shoulder as well!
I torched my legs this weekend with a 17 mile hike that had over 5000ft of elevation gain…..that is a lot of step ups! In addition to the elevation…

August 2022

Your ribs are stiff!

July 2022

The Four Letter Word.

June 2022

The majority of the muscles of your forearm are dedicated to moving your wrists and fingers. The most common source of elbow pain and injury comes from…

May 2022

Foot Pain Sucks
The 40-plus-year-old hip doesn’t always respond well to the abuse we have been dishing out to it over the years. One of the problem areas is often pain…

April 2022

Movement helps, if not solves, most musculoskeletal issues and the knee is no different with respect to this axiom. If we also consider that it sits…